To Greensboro from Hardwick

Head east on VT-15 E/S Main St toward Mill St (0.1 mi )
Take the 1st left onto Main St (0.3 mi )
Turn right onto Vermont Ave  (0.4 mi )
Turn left onto Slapp Hill – Same as Center Road (0.2 mi )
Continue onto Center Rd entering Greensboro past the “Four Corners” (4.9 mi ) The lake will be on your left.
Continue down the hill on Breezy Ave (the Village is at the bottom of the hill)

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 To Greensboro from from I-91

Take exit 21 to merge onto US-2 W toward VT-15 (go 9.6 mi )
Turn right onto VT-15 W (go 10.4 mi )
Turn right onto VT-16 N (go 1.4 mi)
Slight left onto Cedar St (East Hardwick) (go 0.3 mi )
Turn left onto Main St (go 361 ft )
Take the 1st right onto E Church St
Continue onto Hardwick St (go about 2 mi )
Pass the Hazendale Farm Stand and turn right onto Breezy Ave at the Four Corners.


To Bayley Hazen Farm “Hill House” (Craftsbury Road)

We are located about 4 miles from The Willey’s Store and downtown Greensboro. From Willey’s, head north and continue on Town Highway 1 and to the Craftsbury Road. Pass the Highland Lodge (on your right in 2 miles) and continue for 2 more miles. Look for a grey house, guest house and barn on a hill on the right side (If you reach the Circus Road – which is on the left you have gone too far).

To The Cottage on the Lake

The Cottage is located at 162 Pleasants St in the village. Pleasant’s Street is the first left coming down the hill in to Greensboro from Hardwick and past the Country Club Road. It is 1/8th mile up from Willey’s. The Cottage is straight ahead (brown house with white trim).

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Greensboro Village to the Bayley Hazen Farm & “Hill House”

The Bayley Hazen Farm (a.k.a Hill House ) is located 4 miles from The Willey’s Store and downtown Greensboro. The address is 3668 Craftsbury Road.

From Willey’s, head north past the Library on your left and stay left past the United Church leaving the Town Hall on your right. Continue on the Craftsbury Road for about 3.7 miles.

Pass the Highland Lodge (2 miles from Willey’s) on your right and continue for another 2 miles. Look for a field on the right with a main house, guest house and barn (all grey with green trim/ roof) on a hill on the right side. The sign at the driveway says “J. Sydney Stone”. If you reach the Circus Road on the left or Shadow Lake road on the right , you have gone too far!

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Reference Map of Greensboro