John Gebbie – Ayrshire, Scotland

The following excerpt from “The History of Greensboro The First Two Hundred Years” reveals some of the history of the Bayley-Hazen Farm. “M. Stone” below refers to Mary Rhodes Stone, wife of Sydney Stone who purchased this land and built the current home.

The Gebbie and McLellan families were among the more prominent citizens of Greensboro and closely in-tertwined through marriage. John Gebbie came from Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1832, locating in the western part of town [now M. Stone]. Five of his children continued to live in Greensboro. John McLellan came in 1850 and settled on what is now [1990] the Gebbie farm. He had six children. One daughter, Mary Anne, married Thomas Gebbie, son of John Gebbie, and another daughter, Martha, married Thomas’s brother, James. Thomas and Mary Annesettled on the McClellan farm and had two sons, Foster and Alpha.